Frequently Asked Questions

Why does Mountain Cabin Wellness have Memberships?

A: As a Personal Trainer & Massage Therapist, I have witnessed the long term benefits a client can obtain when a routine of health is established. A Membership is a commitment not only of your time, but also to learning how your body works. With this knowledge, you will understand how to relieve tension and combat compensation patterns that lead to chronic pain & discomfort. Memberships are not just about pain relief & increased health, but also the deeper understanding of how we evolve physically and how you can obtain your highest quality of life.

How do I obtain a Membership?

A: All Memberships are limited in quantity. To view current availability, click here.

Can I try a service before purchasing a Membership?

A: Absolutely! Book an individual service and let me know of your interest in becoming a Member. If you love our session & a Membership is available, the cost of your 1st session will be applied directly towards your first month's fees. Membership must begin in the same month as your non-member appointment to receive this discount.

For example:

90-Minute Massage Membership = $230

90-minute Non-Member Massage = $135

Remaining amount due for 1st month = $95

Can I book online?

A: Massage Treatments can be booked online here. If you do not find what you are looking for, please call (720) 456-9784 so we can further discuss scheduling.

How much are services?

A: For all individual service & Membership pricing, click here.

How do you pay?

A: Once a session has been booked, you will receive an invoice by email to be paid upon receipt. Your payment completes the booking process. Members receive Square invoices through email on the 1st of each month, due by the 5th with auto-pay options available. This way your session time will always be stress-free without the hassle of payments. No gratuity is accepted.

What are the 6 *free* add-ons included in every massage session?

A: Neuromuscular Therapy, Hot Stones ($20), Aromatherapy ($5), Hot Towels ($5), Hemp CBD Oil ($15), and Cupping ($30) are all additional treatments that traditionally increase the price of a massage (traditional prices reflected) but not here! Every massage client receives these add-ons at no extra cost to maximize benefits and create a one-of-a-kind experience.

Will I be naked?

A: For chair massage, clients will remain fully-clothed at all times. During 60 & 90-minute massages, clients may remove all clothing or keep their underwear on. If you have any contagious skin conditions (ex: warts on hands/feet, shingles) bring them to your Massage Therapist's attention & keep these areas covered at all times.

Why is gratuity not accepted?

A: Do I tip? Do I not? These questions cause unnecessary stress at the end of a session. By eliminating gratuity, the price you see is the price you pay so you can leave your wallet at home & relax.

What should I wear?

A: During massage, wear something comfortable that you can easily remove to minimize the amount of time spent dressing/undressing. For chair massage, clients will remain fully clothed - please wear comfortable clothes you can move freely in. During personal training sessions, wear tennis shoes and athletic clothing that does not restrict your range of motion.


What if I am sick the day of my session?

A: Clients who call or show up to an appointment, class, or consultation sick will be rescheduled free of charge - no exceptions. This is to ensure the safety of both myself and other clients.

What if I am running late?

A: No problem. Life happens, and as long as you communicate through phone or email the extent of your tardiness, we will work for the remainder of session time (even if it’s just 10 minutes). Note that if a client fails to communicate they will be late, your session will be considered a "No-Call-No-Show" (see below).


What is a “No-Call-No-Show”?

A: A “No-Call-No-Show” is when a client does not show up to an appointment and neglects to communicate cancellation/tardiness before the session start time. If no contact is made as of 10 minutes into your scheduled time, the session is an official no-call-no-show. In this case, non-members will be responsible for the full cost of scheduled service & Members will lose that session without the ability to reschedule. 

What is the cancellation policy for Mountain Cabin Wellness?

A: 73+ hours before your scheduled session: Rescheduling is free of charge, cancellations are charged a $15 fee. Within 72 hours of your scheduled session: Rescheduling costs $15, cancellation of your session will result in a 50% refund.

Are in-home services available?

A: All services take place at MCM's studio or in a client's home. Please contact me if you have any questions.

*In-home sessions may be subject to added travel fee.


Mountain Cabin Wellness reserves the right to refuse service or future services at any point including current Memberships.

In the case of dismissal during an active Membership, any pre-paid funds will be reimbursed & early termination fee will be waived.