Brenna Rice LMT, CNRT-M, BS Kinesiology

   Hi! I'm Brenna Rice and bodywork has been in my life since I can remember. Growing up playing soccer from ages 4-26, I trained for over a decade before my curiosity lead me to pursue a higher education in understanding the human body. 

   In 2009 I received a Bachelors in Kinesiology (study of the human body in motion) and spent the next decade working as a personal trainer, EMT, coach, and massage therapist. Through the years I realized our fitness habits today are often excessive, and create patterns of dysfunction while breaking down the body rather than building it.

   After moving to Red Feather Lakes, I began focusing on restoring my body from a lifetime of excessive athletics. It was here that my coaching style transformed into rehabilitating and training proper movement patterns using Fitness Training, Neural Reset Therapy & science based Massage Therapy techniques.

   My specialty is being able to identify & address the unique demands each client places on his/her body. Whether you join a group fitness class, or try Neural Reset Therapy for stubborn pain - your journey to a better tomorrow can begin today.

Continuing Education

When your occupation is your passion, the thirst for knowledge never ends. Check this area periodically to see my ever-growing list of completed continuing education courses to better serve you

Currently totaling 198.5 hours

MyoKinesthetic System - Lower Body

Massage Cupping: The Active Cup

Orthopedic Assessment as Palpating Living Anatomy

Myofascial Techniques and New Theories of Fascial Change

BodyReading the Myofascial Meridians : The Deep Front Line

BodyReading the Myofascial Meridians : The Arm Lines

BodyReading the Myofascial Meridians : The Spiral Line

BodyReading the Myofascial Meridians : The Superficial Front Line

BodyReading the Myofascial Meridians : The Superficial Back Line

BodyReading the Myofascial Meridians : The Lateral Lines

BodyReading the Myofascial Meridians by Tom Myers

Neural Reset Therapy - Master Certification - First in Colorado!

Neural Reset Therapy Advanced - In Home

Neural Reset Therapy Advanced

Neural Reset Therapy for the Upper Body - In Home

Neural Reset Therapy for the Upper Body

Neural Reset Therapy for the Lower Body - In Home

Neural Reset Therapy for the Lower Body

Myofascial Techniques: TMJ

Machurian Accupressure for Tension Headaches

Intro to Craniosacral

Face and Neck Acupressure

Understanding and Treating the Four Common Rotator Cuff Injuries

Rising Above the Opioid Crisis: Massage Therapy and Integrative Pain Management

Fibromyalgia: The Invisible Disease

Where It Is, It Isn't: Successfully Treating Lower Back Pain

The Challenge of Upper Extremity Overuse Disorders

Myofascial Techniques: Sciatica, A New Look

Advanced Deep Tissue Muscular Therapy Techniques: Shoulder and Knee

The Skinny on Skin: What Massage Therapists Need to Know About Skin Cancer

Intelligent Deep-Tissue Massage: Body Mechanics

Intelligent Deep-Tissue Massage: Upper Body

Intelligent Deep-Tissue Massage: Lower Body

Fascia and Low-Back Pain: Myofascial Techniques for the Thoracolumbar Fascia

Foot Reflexology : Benefits, Philosophy, and the 34 Points

Foot Reflexology : Hands-On Techniques

Introduction to Esalen Massage

East Meets West Face Massage

Self-Care Through Body Mechanics

Essential Oils Therapy for Body, Mind, and Spirit

Introduction to Massage Cupping and Vacuum Manual Therapy

Myofascial Techniques: Shoulder Pain and Restrictions

Myofascial Techniques: Working with Rib Restrictions

Active Isolated Stretching

Introduction to Cold Stone Massage

...and many more to come!

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